Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Well... I've been neglecting blogger.. a lot.  The last time I wrote in here was on August 4th, that was over 2 months ago.  I always told myself that remembering life with my littles is what's most important.  My 6th year of teaching began on August 1st, and I had to get used to being a working momma again and was always so tired after the kids went to work.  Then I started working out at night after the kids went to work.  Then, September started and I wanted to catch up with all the new tv shows on Netflix before they came on tv.  & That's what I've been up to after Ryan and Jake go to bed, working out, watching Netflix or catching up with New Girl on my phone!!  Oh yeah- cleaning a tornado of toys.  

I haven't been writing and I haven't been reading blogs either.  At Jake's last well check the doc asked me how much Jake weighed when he was born and I couldn't remember!!!  Geez.. this coming from the woman that remembers almost everything.

So here I am, getting back to what's most important, writing down everything so I can remember everything.

When I just logged into blogger, I had these pictures uploaded and the title.  I figured I might as well finish it.

Elyse left us on July 12.  Let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.  ELEVEN.  The number of times that Elyse has come to Tucson and had to leave.  The number of times I've had to say bye to my sweet little girl.  Not counting the three times we went out there to see her. The last full day of her being here is always pretty sad.  We all walk around all bummed out and spend most of the day talking about how much we are going to miss each other.  Elyse always tells us how much she wished we lived closer so she could see us every week.  It's pretty awful.  Washing her laundry and packing her suitcase stinks.  The only good thing that comes out is that she actually cleans her room for once!  She's a messy girl.  I already posted about her last day in town.  We had a pool party for her.

Usually on her last day, we all have to wake up super early and rush to the airport.  Their flight to Chicago was a little later in the day so it was nice to actually be able to spend a little time with her before she left.  Her and Ryan were playing in the living room and I was just watching them play.  I've said it a hundred times, she is SO good with him and he just can't get enough of her.

We drove to the airport and after Tim & Elyse checked in she realized she left her insulated cup in my car so we went back outside to go get it.  Her and I got matching cups.  :)  Instead of me dragging the kids back inside, we said our goodbyes in the parking lot.  This was the first time  I didn't have to watch her walk away from me after she checked into security, and it made it a little easier, or so I thought.

We took all of our pictures in the parking lot and Elyse kept hugging and kissing Ryan and Jakey.  Check out Elyse's hair.  She's so funny, she pulled her hair up in a high messy bun and got so excited about it.  She kept saying "This is going to be my 7th grade hair style!" 

I actually was okay when they were walking away.. that lasted a whole 2 minutes.  As soon as I drove off the airport parking lot I started bawling and had to pull over into a hotel parking lot.  & then Elyse called me!  Ha.  She knows I'm a cry baby and I missed her already.   This whole "sharing a child" thing is so crazy.  We've been doing it for years and we still have so much longer to do it.  It breaks my heart for Tim and Elyse because they deserves so much more.

I had the best summer with her.  We all had so much fun and did a lot of things together as a family.  This was, by far, my favorite summer because I got to stay home every day and spend all day everyday with them.
Love her!

I can't believe it's already been over 3 months since she left.  She'll be back for Christmas.. just a little more than 2 months.

We love you, Elyse!

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