Sunday, August 4, 2013

The End of Summer

I should have written this post on Wednesday night, but I didn't have time.  So it's a few days late.  It's hard to believe that it's already been 2+ months since I wrote my first post of the summer.  As of this past Thursday, August 1, I am officially a working woman.  That means, my Summer is over.  In all honesty, this summer was even better than I could have wanted it to be.  Every visit that Elyse has out here with us, I always feel like I didn't take enough pictures of her, but I didn't feel like that this time.  I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures while she was here.  I even remembered to get some blogging done so I could remember specific things.
At the end of May I posted our Summer "I'm Bored" jar.  Which was a little hard to use because we were never bored and we were always so busy.  We didn't get to do everything on there.. but we still got to do a lot of it.
1. Water Paint
2. Bake Brownies
3. Root beer Floats-- Elyse doesn't like root beer floats! Who would have known?
4. Bake Cupcakes
5. Make Homemade Lipgloss-- No lip gloss!  I still have these supplies sitting in my closet too!
6. DIY Canvases
7. Sidewalk Paint- We didn't sidewalk paint this year, good thing we did last year.
8. Shower Liner Village Mat-- Nope!  Supplies are in my closet, maybe we can do this when Elyse is back for Christmas.
9. Design new hairstyles and take funny pictures of them all.

10. Hoola Hoop Contest on Wii Fit- I won!
11. Go the the Library
12. Water Balloon Fight- No water balloon fight!  Hopefully we can do this next summer!
13. Go to the Splash pad
14. Picnic at the Park
Okay, so this is a picture of our picnic on the mountain- we also had a picnic at the park but Ryan had gotten hurt and we had to leave before I could take pictures of everyone.
15. Perform a Dance (make one up to a song)
Elyse did do this, but I don't have any pictures!
16. Make Rice Krispy Treats
17. Wash the Cars--Elyse did pick this stick, but she didn't want to wash the cars, it was too hot!
18. Play 3 Different Board Games
19. Complete a Puzzle
20. Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches--We didn't do this one either, but we did eat ice cream :)
21. Make Homemade Bookmarks-- The day Elyse picked this she had a sleep over with Kylie!
22. Make a T-shirt with Puffy Paint-- We didn't do this, but I still have the paint in my closet.
23. DDR on Wii- I won this too :)
24. Decorate Driveway with Sidewalk Chalk
We added a few extra...
Go to the Zoo
Pump It Up
Lots and Loooots of swimming!
My computer is being super, super slow!
& Daddy and Jakey are napping- that means Ryan and I are going to lay down and take naps too.
Well summer, I'm glad you were good to me this year.  School started on Thursday, so here's to 178 more days of school until the next summer with my babies!

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  1. I feel like you just wrote your post at the start of summer vacation too! It went by fast. You guys always have so much fun! Love the picture of the boys looking at the giraffe, Jakey's finger pointing! I can picture his face, so excited. :)