Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jake Tyler- 18 months

 My sweet Jakey.  I'm wanting to write his 18m post, but today is July 28- that means you are 18 months and 28 days now.  2 days away from being 19 months.
During your 18 month of life your little personality started changing.  You've spent so much time because so quiet.  You never really made a peep!  This month, you definitely starting doing some peeping, and lots of it.  On top of peeping, you are babbling, squealing, and screeching!
Don't get me wrong, you're still pretty sweet and you are definitely a cuddler.  You are a very easy going baby.  You still love to watch people. 
I spent a lot of time this summer taking you and Ryan to every single kids event and story time I could possibly do.  I have loved every single minute of this summer and spending them with you.  Daddy and momma take you guys to the mall to play around in the play place.  You love to run around.  When you run, you run on your tippy toes and you look like you're bouncing and your little cheeks jiggle up and down.  You arms are pointed outward and your elbows to your hands are facing up towards the sky.  Gosh, you're so cute.  Daddy and I are always talking about how cute you are!
At the play place, you love to climb up to the top of the little slide and just sit there.  You get in everyone's way and they have to climb over you, but you don't care.  You sit there and stare at everyone and don't even notice the kids doing giant steps just to get over you and go down the slide.
You love to eat.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  I haven't found a single food you don't like... except mushrooms.  But I don't blame you- I wouldn't eat them either.  You eat fruits, veggies, meats, dairy.. you eat everything I put on your plate.  Sometimes you eat all of your food and then you eat Ryan's also.
On this particular morning, you were a little sleepy when I made breakfast.  Ryan wakes up before you.  When you were younger- you always got up first and Ryan slept in.  I loved my mornings with you.  Now Ryan wakes up early and you sleep in.  And I love my mornings with him.
I've mentioned it before but you are definitely a sleeper.  You wake up every morning between 8:30-9:00.  You wake up in the best mood.  Every morning I hear you squealing in your crib.  When I walk into your room you're always standing up holding onto your crib railing.  When you see momma, you have the biggest grin, your thumb is always in your mouth, you grab your blankey and practically jump on me.  When sissy was in town, I always went into your room and you would be staring at her.  You share a room with her when she's here. 
You usually take a 3-4 hour nap.  You go down without a fuss.  You go to bed at night between 7:45-8:00.  You go to sleep at night without a fuss too.  I swear, you are perfect :)  You love brushing your teeth before bed too, mommy always sings ABCs to you.
Your sissy was here for 5 weeks.  You loved when she would love and kiss on you.  She's a great big sister.  You & Ryan love her to pieces.  You guys are so lucky to have her, I could never ask for a better big sister.
She played with the both of you the whole time she was here!  She did tell me a time or two how loud you guys are.  & yes, you are loud.  You guys are so sweet and quiet alone... but together you guys make so much noise.
You and Ryan went a few weeks at the beginning of June being little terrors and driving momma nuts!  It's safe to say, that for the last month, you guys have been back to your normal selves and I haven't been feeling overwhelmed.
You had your 18 month check up on June 1st.  I switched your doctor because I just wasn't liking your last one anymore.  Actually, I don't think I really cared from her from the beginning but I finally called around and found a doctor, and we love her!  She was great with you and so personable.
She put your teeny little self onto the baby scale and you were 20lbs exactly.  Ryan was 20.14 when he was 18 months.  You were also 30 1/4 inches long.
You are wearing size 6-9m shorts, sometimes 12m.  You wear 12m jammies and shirts too.  These past few days I've been putting you in 18m jammies and they are a little loose, but they still fit you pretty well.  You wear size 3 shoes. 
You have the cutest little toes and I love the way they look in flip flops!
This summer we spent a lot of time swimming.. you love the pool!  Usually you hang with mommy and daddy.  Daddy throws you up pretty high and I almost have a heart attack but you just giggle.  Sometimes we put you in the little floatie and you lay back and suck your thumb and just relax.  We also have a baby pool.  I put you in the floatie in that one too and you walk around and play with Ryan.
You played in a splash pad twice this month.  Pretty much your first time, you LOVE the water!  It took Ryan until this summer to really enjoy the splash pad.  Not you, you love batting at the water as it's shooting up at you.
This next picture you are 18m2w old.  Ryan was exactly 18m2w when you were born. That is just CRAZY to me.  I do want another baby, someday.  But right now, you just seem like my little baby still.  I couldn't imagine having a newborn.  Ryan seemed like such a big guy when we brought you home.  But to me, you still are my little baby.
I love the way you guys are looking at each other.  You guys can be pretty sweet.  Not always, sometimes you hit him and throw cars at his head.. and he makes you lay on the ground and covers you with every toy we own.  Sometimes when Ryan covers you, you scream.  Sometimes, I uncover all the toys off of you and you are laying at the bottom of the pile sucking on your thumb like you are laying on top of a water bed.
You know what else?  You are a climber!  Ryan was such a little scaredy cat.  He didn't and still doesn't, climb on anything.  You climb on your toys, on top of furniture, the coffee table.  I have to pull you off of everything because I'm afraid you're going to fall down and hit your had.
I caught you standing on top of your car ramp just staring out the window and eating snack!  You're such a nut.
You have gappy teeth right now.  I remember Ryan used to as well until he grew more teeth.  Right now, you have 7.  Your 8 tooth just cut through your gums on Friday.  You would have never known you were teething.  You are never grumpy or whiney.  I love the big ol gaps you have in between your teeth.
I love you, sweet baby.

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  1. I laughed picturing Ryan covering Jake with toys! And his climbing! Love the picture of them looking at each other. :)