Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family Date 5- Pool Party

For Elyse's last family date, I wanted to do something special and I wanted everyone here to share it with her.  I planned a pool party/bbq/pot luck for her on her last full day in town.
She was super excited when she opened her envelope.  While I was sad that it was her last one, I am SO glad that I made these for her.  Her face when opening each of them has been priceless and she LOVED them!  The only thing she said was that she wished she knew about the pool party earlier.  She said we should have another pool party next year and she will have a lemonade stand to raise money and she will use her money at Party City to buy Luau decorations so we could have a luau party.
She wanted to make decorations for the party, but since it was starting at 5:30 and we still needed to go grocery shopping for the party- she only had time to make place cards.  She gave each family their own color, and she made little signs that said "You are mint" or "You are green" to hand to the guests when they arrived.  It was so cute.
Before the pool party, we went out front to do some sidewalk chalk!  Her and Ryan decorated the whole driveway while Jakey took a nap.  I swear I feel like that kid is always sleeping.
Elyse decorated her part for us telling us she loved us and would miss us.. It actually got washed away that night before of the rain.. but she doodled again the following morning because she wanted to tell us she loved us.
I didn't take too many pictures of her party because it was dark and phones don't take the best pictures in the dark.
We had hamburgers, pasta salad, Cheetos, eegees, and sub sandwiches.  Yum!
It was a little bitter.  Fun to see her playing and swimming with everyone and have everyone together.. sad that it was her last night in town and we'd have to wait 5+ months to have her home again.
I will definitely be doing these family date night envelopes with her again next year.. now I just need to come up with new ideas!

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