Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Pictures

I love having a husband who can take awesome pictures, but it also stinks because my kids know him so well that they don't always cooperate.  Ryan's actually a million times better than he ever has been.  He will look at the camera now and give a cheesy grin where before he would purposely ignore the camera.  Now that Ryan is used to the camera- Jake is the one who will not look!  & if he is looking, he always gives you this blank stare like he has no idea what you're talking about.

Tim wasn't able to get too many pictures because the sun was almost down by the time we arrived at the park.  But I am in love with the ones he did get!

Here is Jake's famous picture face!

Halloween is a holiday I never really cared about until I had kids.  Elyse always used to ask us if she could spend a Halloween with us and I never knew why it was so special.  But these past few years I have loved Halloween!  I almost think it is my favorite holiday now that I am a mom.  I love all of the carnivals the weekend before Halloween, the pumpkin patch, and Halloween.  It's a week long celebration.

Now I have a whole year to think about next year's costumes.

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