Friday, November 29, 2013

The Month of November

Another month has come and gone, again.  Time is always just flying by.  With November came more memories for our family.

Ryan finally got a big boy bed!  I've kept him in his crib for so long.  It was his last baby thing to go.  My dad made him a twin bed and my mom made him a pillow case and quilt.  The whole thing came out better and cuter than I ever could have imagined!  I was so happy about his big boy bed for so long, but the second we started taking apart his crib, I got sad!  Ryan was so excited though and that made me not be so sad anymore.  We had to rearrange his room for his furniture to fit better.

His bed is gorgeous and the quilt is so perfect for his little personality.  At the end of his bed is his afghan that my Grandma made for him.  I love that my kids have so much handmade stuff from their grandparents!  & I love that his bedding is one of a kind.  I didn't have any twin sheets around, except for Elyse's, so I went to Target and the only thing they had that was cute was Thomas the Train.  I knew he'd like those, so we got them for him. He's been in his new bed since the weekend before Veteran's Day and he still stays in bed.  Which I am glad.  I've seen horror stories on Nanny 911 about the kids getting out of bed a million times a night, thank God he goes to bed when I tell him to.

The morning after his first night in his new bed, we woke up super early to go couponing.  Ryan loves going grocery shopping with mommy!

That afternoon, Ryan was going to back with my parents to Yuma.  He was so happy to go to Grandma and Papa's house.

He was supposed to be gone from Sunday until  Thursday night when we were going to head out to my parent's house.  My dad's birthday was Thursday, so I took Friday off of work to be in Yuma.  Well, Tim's aunt had passed away and her funeral was on Friday.  & Last minute, a soccer team wanted Tim to take their pictures on Saturday morning.  We didn't end up leaving town until Saturday afternoon, meaning I was away from Ryan for 6 days!! I missed my baby!  That's a long time, considering I am never away from him unless I am at work.

We got to Yuma on Nov 16th, and my parents had made a birthday dinner for my dad's 60th birthday.  My grandparents were there, Steven, Rebecca, Rian & Asher.  Aiden was out of town with his other grandparents.

I got to meet sweet little Asher for the first time.  He is so perfect.  He was a sleepy little guy.

This picture of Rian and me has awful lighting but I had to post it.  She was being soo cute and she kept making my heart so happy.  She was sitting on my lap so I could read her stories.  Before she left she said "I want to hug you!" and she wanted me to  buckle her in her car seat.  She kept melting my heart and I didn't want her to leave.  I was sad that I only got a couple of hours with them instead of a few days.  It's really hard to be away from them all the time.  We are lucky they only live a few hours away,but I still wish we lived in the same town.

We have a lot more cute days around here than we do obnoxious days. Thank god.  The kids are getting along better than they have been and are learning to share.  They make me smile when they are being so cute with each other.

The weather has gotten cool enough to wear we can wear long pants.  Some days it's even cold enough for long sleeved shirts and hats!  I like it better when it's not cold enough for long sleeved shirts, but the boys look too cute in their hats, so I guess cold weather has it's perks.

This year we spend Thanksgiving with Tim's family because we spend the last two with mine.
I am most thankful for these little guys, how well behaved they are, and how much they fill my heart.

With Thanksgiving comes the start of Christmas jammies!  My kids have WAY too many Christmas jammies, but there isn't much that is better than Christmas jammies.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!!

As I write this post about November, there are only 2 days of December left!

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