Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twenty Nine

Blogging is becoming harder and harder.  Last year for Christmas my mother-in-law got me an amazing gift for my birthday, a print out of my entire blog for the year 2012!  She got herself a copy as well.  When I went over there for Thanksgiving the book was sitting on the counter, so I picked it up and started flipping through it.  Each page and every picture in that book brings back so many memories.  If it wasn't for my blog, there would probably be hundreds and thousands of memories forgotten.  I need to keep reminding myself why this is important.  I always tell myself "I want to remember everything."  I want my boys to hear stories about themselves as babies.  So here I am, again.  Attempting.  

This post will be about my birthday back on October 24th.  I turned 29 this year.  I feel like every year since my 24th birthday, a part of me gets a little sad as my birthday draws nearer.  Another year older.  I don't know what freaks me out so much, every year gets better than the last.

One thing that some may find hard to believe, I actually enjoy working on my birthday.  I love to see my students.  They always have so many cards and smiles and hugs for me :)

I got a sweet little video from Ryan telling me "Happy Birthday, Mommy" & Rebecca sent me a picture of Aiden, Rian, and Asher.

A few days before my birthday, I told Tim that I wanted to go to Subway for dinner on my birthday.  I had been really wanting Subway, but he said no!  He said he would bring me some for lunch at work.  & He did.  They came in when my class was doing their Daily 5 centers and of course, Jakey made me hold him the whole time.  Ryan sat at someone's desk and read himself a book.

Looking at this picture of Ryan made me remember that my birthday happened to fall on pajama day!  Haha, what's better than wearing pajamas to work on your birthday?!

Came home to some pretty flowers from my momma and my husband.  Plus Tim was making me a cake.  He was actually pretty proud of himself because it was the first cake he had ever made.

Flowers from my mom.

& Tim.

Tim planned a birthday dinner at one of our favorite mexican restaurants.  It's Ryan's favorite place to eat!  We were there with Casey, Tecia, Jenn (Tim's sister,) Caitlyn (sister in law,) and Kylie.

I was proud of Ryan, he went potty on the toilet for the first time in public!  

Dinner was delicious.  I never expect presents on my birthday, but everyone who got me something knows me so well!  Kylie got me some m&ms, we got a beautiful new bed set from Tim's mom, Tecia got me some measuring spoons because she knows I love to cook.  Tim got me a shirt, flip flops, a spice rack, a new wallet, and some new bed sheets.  My parents sent some money and I used it to get ink for my printer so I could print out my coupons!! Tim's sister made me this awesome "R" sign for our bedroom- I took a pic but was dark.  It's awesome and the picture doesn't do it justice!

After dinner, Tim's mom and Tecia came over to babysit some babies so Tim & I could go to the movies.  We have been wanting to see Gravity so we decided to see it, and we splurged and watched our first 3D movie.  It was awesome! Haha, great movie and the 3D made it so good.

We got home pretty late, babies were already in bed.  Tim and I put together our new bedding and he hung my R up in my bathroom next to my vanity.

Lots of people helped make my birthday special.  & I can't believe that in less than 11 months I am going to be 30!!

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