Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Randoms

I'm sitting here wondering where the year has gone.  How is already December?  Actually, How is December almost over?!  Of all the months of the year, this one just flew by quicker than all the rest.  There is so much to look forward to in December.  Not only that, but the end of December means I get a two week break from work!  

This month hasn't been too cold, which I am more than thankful for.  I hate cold weather.  It's cold enough for my kids to wear long sleeved shirts.  But not cold enough to wear I feel like my fingers and toes are going to fall off.  Winter has also just started like a week ago, so I'm sure it's going to get worse from here on.

There hasn't been too much going on around here.  My parents did come visit again the second weekend in December.  Ever since I moved here in 2003, my mom comes every second weekend in December because she gets a half day at work.  We used to spend the weekend Christmas shopping.  Now that I have kids, we spend the days at home.  It usually lands on the night of my work's Christmas party too so it's nice that she gets to come here and spend the night with my kids while Tim and I go out for the night.  My parent's have been coming down a lot these last couple months, which I am more than grateful for.  But I know that once the year ends, the visits might not be as frequent.  Ryan and Jake love to spend the time with them.

Auntie Loni sent Jake's birthday gift super early this year.. I think she always does though.  They got a new Thomas the Train set which has provided for many hours of entertainment.

I love how simple their lives are.  How the little things in life make them the happiest.  After Tim  & I set up the train, they had the biggest eyes and smiles watching Thomas go around and around the train track.  They sat in their room for a while just watching him go around the track.  They were so in awe.  It's the little things :)

The boys also got an early Christmas present of a Children's Museum membership!  That will definitely be awesome to have.  We went at the beginning of December and of course, we spend the most time in the train room.  We didn't have time to go through the whole museum because we had to get back home for Jake to take a nap.  But I can't wait to take them back!  We have plans to go back on New Years' Eve with our friends Christine and Hannah.  Santa was at the museum the day that we went.  They also had a little station to make Christmas ornaments.  There was also the cutest snowball fight.  They got a huge box filled with cotton balls and dumped them all over the kids.  My kids were so excited to throw snow balls!  Only in Arizona, do we have snowball fights with cotton balls. :)

You can't tell by this picture, but both of the boys were so excited over Santa!  This is the first year that Ryan actually understands about Santa and Christmas presents.  He told Santa that he wanted a red bike and candy for Christmas.

More Christmas jammies.  I always want to remember how cute Jakey is when he's sleepy.  He sucks his thumb and plays with his ear with his other hand.

I am still loving my mornings with Ryan before work.  He usually wakes up about 10 minutes before I leave the house.  Right after I'm done getting ready and right before I start making my lunch.  We lay in bed and snuggle and kiss and hug.  He's the sweetest thing.  He's always wanting to snuggle.  He'll usually lay in our bed and bring his cars into our bed and play with them.

On December 16th, Ryan turned 3.5.  That is just crazy- wasn't it just his third birthday.  Now in just 6 short months he's going to be 4 and starting preschool.  He's becoming so independent.  He wants to dress and undress by himself.  He wants to put on his shoes and buckle his car seat buckle by himself.  He has to do everything by himself and he gets mad if I do it for him.  He won't even let me turn on the light switches in the house and if I do, he will turn them off and put them back on again.

Jake is no longer my little quiet baby who observes everyone.  Out of nowhere he has started talking and is saying so many words.  He says new words everyday and can pretty much say anything you tell him to say.   This past month his personality has totally blossomed and I feel like he is no longer a little baby but a toddler instead.  His favorite word is "mommy"  except it sounds more like "maaaaah-meeee."  He is hilarious.

He sees Ryan go potty all by himself and will ask to sit on the little potty.  I'm thinking he might be potty trained a lot sooner than Ryan was.  Would be nice!

The Wednesday before Winter Break started was SO nice.  We didn't have any staff meetings and report cards were due the day before, so I got to be home with my babies before noon.  The weather was just perfect so we got to go for a nice long walk!

Ryan gets more mail than me these days!  The boys got new squeaky shoes in the mail from Auntie Loni, P, and Marlo- so we came home to try them out.  They were a huge hit.  The kids loved them and ran all over the house and all you could hear was "squeak squeak squeeeaaak." & lots of laughter from the boys.  I put Jake down for an early nap so I could wake him up early.  We took the boys to the park for their Christmas pictures.  We let them wear their squeaky shoes to the park.  They were so funny running all over the place with their loud shoes!

One of my old students came over while her mom was at work so I could watch her for the day and we taught Ryan how to play hide-n-seek.  His little brain is just growing so much.  It's crazy that he is becoming such a big kid.  I showed him how to hide and every time it was his turn he would hide in the same spot! Under his bed, and he would giggle while being looked for, he was pretty cute.

My mom was here this weekend for Jake's birthday party and she asked me if I still blogged because she hasn't seen anything for a while.  So here I am, blogging for hours and I'm about to pass out, it's way past my bed time.  But it is the end of the year and I need to get caught up.  I have a few more posts to do before the year is over and only 48 hours to write them.  Christmas & Jake's birthday.  My baby will be two in just 11 minutes.  Good night!

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