Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Eeeeekkk- My journal.  My babies poor journal.  I always said I would keep up, but man.  TV shows after the kids go to sleep have really gotten the best of me.  Who knew there were so many good tv shows out there.  & thanks to my BFF- she's always suggesting new ones and I get suckered into them.

Sooo- Let me write a Christmas update, 3 months and 1 day late.   Thank goodness I have already uploaded pictures from Christmas onto Photobucket, that usually takes longer than writing the actual post!

I just looked at my photo bucket and I did not upload pictures, I'm going to have to steal them off of Facebook.

I think I got the best present of all on Christmas.  My friend, Loni, has the absolute best photo wall and I've been wanting one like hers forever.  So Tim got me pictures of the boys!  & Then the next weekend my mom came into town and made my photo wall for me.  No more big, blank, white wall in the dining room!  I also got a photoshoot of my kids too.  I'll post some of those pictures too.

Who doesn't look forward to Christmas.  Every year I just get more excited because the kids get older and love it even more.

Ryan actually had a Christmas list this year!  He had been wanting legos for a long time, he also wanted a new bike, toys, and candy.

Showing off his first set of Legos.

I don't even know what he was opening up here, but look at that face!

Isn't Jakey's stocking cute?  My mom made stockings for Elyse, Ryan, and Jake that all look similar to this one.  

A new pan from my mom.  My mom must listen to every thing I say all year because she always gets me stuff that I mention throughout the year.  For example, one time I was baking and I only had one cookie sheet and it took me forever to make cookies, so my mom got me some new cookie pans.  In November, I got my hair cut and I cut off about 4 inches because my hair was so nasty.  And then my mom got me some special shampoo to help with my overly dry hair.  She's the best.

This is the aftermath of all of our present opening.

After we spent our morning here opening up presents, it was time to go over to Tim's parent's house for even more parents.  My kids are way too spoiled with the amount of stuff they get.  One of my favorite gifts were these signs that Tim's sister made the boys!  How cute and perfect are they?  They hang on their doors.  I am still in love with them, 3 months later.  She is so incredibly talented.


We didn't do much at Tim's parents.  We ate some breakfast, opened presents, played new toys and helicopters, attempted to take naps that did not work, and ate some dinner.  It was a low key day and my babies were happy.

So the next morning was a little scary, Ryan woke up wheezing and having difficulty breathing.  I got him in to the doctor in the morning and she hooked him up to check his oxygen level.  They were low and he was having the worst time trying to breath.  They gave him some medicine and put him on a nebulizer.  We had to stay a while so they could check him.  His oxygen level didn't get all the way back up to 100 so they put him on the nebulizer again.  We had to stay at the doctors a couple of hours.  Ryan's pedi gave me a subscription to steroids, and a nebulizer.  We went to Target right after to pick up all the things he needed.  Tim was texting me pictures because Jakey was wearing his helmet all morning.  :)

We came home and played a little while.  We were playing memory when Ryan started wheezing again!  Which he shouldn't have been.  I called his pedi again and she told me to take him to the ER.  =(  My babies first ER visit.  I knew we might be staying a while so I packed his backpack full of toys and snacks, grabbed his nebulizer and my purse.  He fell asleep in the car on the way there.  I didn't know it but I parked on the opposite end of the children's hospital from where you are supposed to check in.  It felt like the longest walk ever, carrying everything AND my sleeping 3 year old!  We got checked in pretty quickly.  They hooked Ryan back up and he had to have more breathing treatments and a chest x-ray.  After like 3 hours, the ER doctor told us that it looked like "a touch of pneumonia" whatever that means.  She wasn't sure.  I was pretty annoyed that no one had any answers.  They also couldn't tell me if he had asthma or not.

My poor little guy.  She kept us there until about his bedtime and I hadn't fed him any real dinner.  He was asking for french fries, so that's exactly what I got him on his way home.  Along with some antibiotics from Walgreens. 

He still has some breathing problems sometimes.  Mostly at night or early in the morning.  We put him on his nebulizer whenever he gets that funny breathing sound.  It's pretty awful but he's gotten used to using the machine.

And, a few days later we received his Christmas gift from his Secret Santa.  The day I found out I was pregnant with Ryan, I joined a June 2010 momma group.  Well, we went over to a Facebook group and we do Secret Santa every year.  Ryan got a Curious George game.  We still love Curious George in this house!

3/26, but backdating it to 2013 so I could put it in my 2013 blog book!

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