Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Ramblings

I think I can fit all of May into one blog post.  May is always the quickest month of the year.  It's the last 3 weeks of the school year.  & Then our anniversary always approaches quickly after that, this year it was our 6 year anniversary.  & then it's Summer Break and I can officially be a stay at home for the next 2+ months and my mommy heart is so happy.  & the countdown to Elyse coming always begins!!

Ryan had his first soccer game!  He was definitely the cutest little soccer player I've ever seen.  Was he any good?  Eh.  He was way too slow to keep up with the ball, but that did not stop him.  He still tried and ran around chasing the ball at every single game.  He always listened, followed directions, and never threw a fit.  My parents tell me that when I played soccer when I was 5 I never chased after the ball and I would stay in one spot the whole game.  Ryan did try, maybe next year when he's one of the older kids on the team he'll be able to keep up with the ball.

Mother's Day is always a special day.  I decided to dress up for church that morning.  It was just another ordinary Sunday.  After Jake's nap, we went over to Tim's mom's house to have some dinner with all the other mothers in our family.

& first, we took some selfies!

That day on Facebook, My Aunt Betty posted this picture of my Grandma.  She passed away when I was in 4th grade.  I haven't seen this picture of her before, but I love how beautiful she looks in it.  I miss her, she would have loved my babies.

& Here is a picture of Jake & I on the last day of school!  Even he was excited.  As excited as I was for it to be the last day of school, I must say I had the absolute best group of second graders this year. After 6 years of teaching, I was pretty blessed to have them.  I'll miss all of their little faces.  On the last day we made our Second Grade Writing Books, cleaned our classroom, played games, and ate a lot of fruit.

We celebrated the first day of summer by "checking out" of work.  I had cleaned up my classroom the day before, but couldn't get anyone to actually check me out, so I took the kids to help me finish up and check out.  We went to the bank and then we went Target.  I have been pinning too many cute nail styles on Pinterest so I needed to get some nail polish to try and re-create them.  Which, by the way, I can not! haha but at least I have some cute nail polish.  We went grocery shopping for the week.  On the way home we stopped at the library to check out some books.  Ryan was reading me his "Thomas" book so I had to turn around and take a picture.  That was just the morning!  Stay at home mommy status<3

Jake still sleeps with just about everything he can find.  He makes me giggle.  Sometimes I walk into his room and his entire bed stuff in just on the floor and he's lying somewhere in the mess of it, sleeping.  I guess he just likes the comfort of all of his blankets and stuffed animals.  Oh & pillows too!

I did a lot of Reading!  Most of it had to occur during Jake's nap time or when the kids were already in bed for the night.  "The One & Only" by Emily Giffin came out, and I had to buy it.  I love all of her books & she might be the only author that I actually go out to Target and buy.  Plus it's a bonus that Target carries signed copies.  I read this one, which I loved and a few others including the Teen Mom's Farrah's and Kail's.  Ack.  I'm not sure why I even attempted to read Farrah's- she's a mess.

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary!  6 years and not even 30 yet.  Grandma watched the babies so we could pig out on popcorn, a huge dr. pepper, and watch Non-Stop.  I actually really enjoyed the movie.  I'm not always a movie person, and about half of the ones I actually watch, I keep wondering when it's going to end.  But this one was full of suspense and didn't have me wondering when the end was coming.

Summer also means Library Storytimes.  I wish I could take the boys to these more often.  They love singing and dancing to all of the songs we sing.  They also read a couple of books relating to that days topic and end the half hour with a special craft.

There are a few movie theaters here that do free summer movies for kids, grown up still have to pay but it's super cheap.  When I saw that Curious George was playing, I was pretty excited to take the kids.  I packed my bag full of snacks for the kids.  Kids eating can stay pretty entertained.  We drove about 20-25 minutes to the theater that had the free movies only to find out that they were remodeling and not open during the summer.  Tim is such a trooper and still drove about another 20 minutes because he knew how much I wanted to take the kids to see it.  We showed up about 10 minutes late. Both kids still watched the entire movie (while eating snacks the whole time.)  When it was over, Ryan looked at me and said, "I love that Curious George movie."

We decided on a little lunch date too, we love Chipotle!

Here's Jake reading "Crankenstein."  I would totally recommend this book to any little one out there!  My kids looove it.  The story is pretty simple that Ryan has memorized the story and can read it by himself.  

Remember what I said up there about Jake bringing all of his stuff to sleep on the floor?  Here's proof.

& this night!  I put Jake to bed, went back to the living room to catch up on my TV shows.  When it was my bedtime I went into my room to find this.  Little Stinker.

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