Thursday, June 5, 2014

The First Week of June

June means warmer temperatures, Ryan's birthday, Elyse's arrival, swimming, and our family vacation we've been planning for a few months!

The first weekend of June, the boys got promoted at church.  Jake is now in a preschool room instead of the nursery.  He is finally learning about Jesus instead of just being watched and playing the whole time.  He still does play, but he also learns a little lesson and does a craft.  He did his first craft at church today and it made my mommy heart full.  I still have Ryan's first craft from church on our fridge, it was on his 3rd birthday.

Ryan's been asking and asking to go swimming, and I finally gave in.  Plus I liked his new suit I bought him and he loved the shades I got from work.

Jake is still sleeping like a wild animal.

Ryan is finally old enough to do the little day camps at church!  I signed him up for all of them that we were going to be in town for.  They were all 3 hours long.  It was pretty crazy watching him walk into church by himself and knowing that I wasn't going to pick him up for another 3 hours!  He loved his classes.  I think he did about 3 or 4 of them.  They did a ton of crafts too.  At one of them, the theme was music.  Each of the kids made their own musical instrument and when the parents came to pick them up, they had a little parade.  He was at the front of the line with the teacher and he was looking all over for me, when he spotted me, he couldn't stop smiling and showing his teacher where I was.

We have been prepping for Ryan's 4th birthday party.  The theme is going to be trains.  Tim made the decoration that goes on the front door and his birthday invitations.  We went to Kinkos to print them out and I heard Ryan behind me counting, when I turned around, he was laying on the ground doing sit ups!  He's too cute.

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