Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ryan's 4th Birthday Party

Ryan Michael-

This post is for you.  I hope your birthday party was everything you wanted it to be... Even though in the long run, you won't even remember this day at all.  That is something that always makes me sad.  Most of the things that have happened in your 4 years of life won't be remembered by you.  But you know momma, I have tons of pictures to remind you of so many memories your daddy and I have made for you.

Grandma was sweet enough to let us have your birthday party at your house.  You must have been pretty excited about it because you passed out in the car on the way over to her house.  Actually, I know you were excited about it because you have been talking about it for weeks!

While you were sleeping, we did everything we needed to do to set up.  A few minutes before the party, I went into Grandma's room to wake you up and get you dressed for your train party.

We walked around so that you could see all of your decorations and you loved every single party detail.  I think you loved your train cookies the most.  :)  Your cupcakes were pretty cute too, they all had a smoke puff on the top and said "Choo Choo."

Grammy made your rice krispy treats by dipping them into melted chocolate and sprinkling some sprinkles on them before they dried.

We had taco meat ready for the walking tacos.  Doritos for most of the people and fritos because some of our friends are gluten free.

Your gift table didn't take long to get filled with gifts!

Here is your very first piñata. We went to pick it up from party city and this was the only train piñata they had... it was falling apart so they only charged us a couple of bucks for them.

These Thomas boxes are probably the most ridiculous craft idea I've ever had, Thanks Pinterest.  They took so long to make.  Daddy made the Thomas face and the sides too and we spent way too long cutting them out.  Surprisingly, they were a huge hit and you and your little friends had so much fun just sitting in them!

After everyone ate, it was piñata time!  Your friend Wynter was the one to bust open the piñata!  It was filled with lots of chocolate candy.  Yum.

A couple of weeks before your birthday, we were at Grammy and Papa's house and I was giving you and your brother a bath.  I asked you what you wanted for your birthday and do you know what you told me?  "A green Thomas cake."  The only thing that you asked for was a green Thomas cake!  You are and always have been so easy to please!  So you know what I did, I searched and searched for a picture of a green Thomas cake and I found a cake baker to make it for you.

Singing "Happy Birthday" is always the most emotional part of your birthday.  Your sweet little face smiling looking around the room while everyone is staring at you.  & then your eyes meet mine and you have got to be the happiest I've ever seen you.  You are perfect.

Lots and lots of sweet and playing with your friends and it's finally time to open up all of your presents.  You always get so much that I don't even know what to do with all of your new stuff.  We don't have any more room for more toys.

Do you know what you say after each gift you open, no matter what it is?  "Oh, thank you!"  You love everything, always.  I love how big your heart is.  You walked around the room and you gave every single person a hug.

Oh baby, how I love you.  I love how big your heart is.  I am so glad that you chose me to be your momma.  I have loved every single day that I've spent with you.

Happy 4th birthday, baby!

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