Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthday Party Planning

Every year, I make things hard on myself with all of the birthday planning, decorations, cooking, and baking that I want to do for the kids' parties.  Thanks Pinterest!!  I don't even go fully overboard, I just mainly do everything myself... with the help from my mom, Tim, my niece Haley, and Elyse.

This picture of Elyse is still so weird to me.  It was the first time I let her sit in the front seat, and I kept looking over at her thinking "How is she old enough for the front seat."  Yeah yeah.. some people let their second graders sit in the front seat, but in this house we follow what's safest for the kids!

First thing on our list was ordering balloons.  Check!

Next was pick up all the food for the party.  Check.  Can you guess what we had??  Rice Krispy treats, yep.  &  walking tacos.  & we also needed a lot of candy for the goody bags and the piñata.

When we got home, Ryan's present from Aunt Loni, Peyton, and Marlo came in the mail.  I couldn't get over how cute it was and that's why I had to take a picture.

And try them on...

Can you guess what we did next?

You guessed it, we went swimming.  I kept staring at Ryan because he's way too cute in his new suit and his sunnies.

Next up was some serious party planning mode.  We had to make the decorations, stuff the piñata, make the goody bags, bake some brownies, make rice krispy treats on a stick... all sorts of fun stuff.  Thank goodness my mom always comes into town to help with all of that.

I decided to make it easier on myself this year and order the cake, cupcake, and cookies.  However, people are no joke about that kind of stuff.  They sure do come out pretty but they are expensive!

Ryan in his new sunnies and shirt.

Can't wait to celebrate him tomorrow.

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