Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Favorite Day of the Year...

... is when Elyse comes to our house for the summer!  It's seriously a million times better than Christmas.  I put Ryan and Jake to bed on June 13th and laid in bed reading a book and scrolling through my phone.  It's almost feels like forever from the moment Elyse's plane lands to when she actually gets to my house!

She's here!  & she is all mine for the next 5 weeks.  When Elyse started coming to visit back in 2008, the first thing she does when she gets to our house is unzip her backpack and show me all of the stuff she brought.  This time was no different.  She was showing me all of her new clothes, the jewelry that she brought, the book that she was reading "The Selection." and we talk.  It's something that I hope she never grows out of.  She always gets in pretty late so Ryan and Jake were already sleeping, I knew they would be excited to see her when they woke up.

The next morning, Ryan and Jake were so excited to see her!!!  I was too.  It's always pretty surreal waking up the first morning that Elyse is here.  Ryan had his very last soccer game that morning. 

I will miss watching him run around and play.  He was always such a good sport and ran around and chased the ball wherever it went.  He's the smallest kid on the team so his actual possession of the ball time was pretty limited.  He didn't care.  

A couple hours later, everyone in Tim's family was going to go camping.  Tim's mom couldn't go because she's just not healthy enough for the elevation up there and her doctor didn't want her going.  We did miss her though.  The drive up to Site Greaves was probably 5 hours or so,  long but not bad.   All together there was 3 different RVs and 2 tents.  Tim, Ryan, Jake, and I were sharing a huge tent with Tom and Caitlyn and Elyse was staying inside of Tim's Uncle's RV.

We did lots of sitting, walking, fishing, quad riding, eating, snacking... oh you know how camping goes.

I rode a quad with Tim's Uncle Freddy.  Previously, I had only ever been a quad my junior year of high school with some friends when we were at the sand dunes.  So this was my first time driving one.  I was a little bit scared!  I don't like being out of my comfort zone.. but I ended up really enjoying it.  & come on, my 12 year old drove on it too!

The night before Ryan's birthday (Sunday,) we were all sitting around the campfire eating s'mores and talking and Ryan was sitting on my lap.  He eventually fell asleep and I just sat there snuggling and soaking it all in that this was the last night my baby would be 3.  ...Until my 2 year old turns 3 in 6.5 months!

Ryan woke up early and he was so excited it was his birthday!!  My baby is 4.

On our last morning, we ate a big breakfast and sat around talking with everyone and cleaned up the camp site because it was going to be time to head out soon.

We took lots of pictures with all of the different families.  & Here we all are!  There was maybe 20-25 of us.

Heading home was a bit of a bummer because I didn't want to spend so many hours of Ryan's birthday driving in a car.

4:55pm- Ryan is officially 4 years old!

Prior to our camping trip, Casey (Tim's mom) knew that I was bummed about driving home on Ryan's birthday.  We had to stop at her house on the way home because Al (Tim's dad) was the one driving and our car was at their house.  When we got to her house, she had totally decorated with everything Thomas the Train!  There were Thomas hats for Ryan and Jake and Happy Birthday hats for everyone else, tostadas for dinner and cupcakes.  

Check out my little man!

She made his birthday so special, and I couldn't be more thankful for that.  She sure does love my kids.  They are so blessed.

& that is how we spent our first weekend with Elyse!  & Ryan's 4th birthday.

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