Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sick Baby

When I got home from work on Monday afternoon, Ryan was still taking a nap.  He woke up around 4 and he was whining in his crib.  I picked him up and heard his stomach gurggling.  He then threw up for the first time.  =(  It made me so sad.  Tim had told me that Ryan didn't have milk, so I tried giving him some milk when we went downstairs.  He drank a little bit, but it all came back up a few minutes later.  & then again 20 minutes after that.  I decided not to give him any more milk.  A little while later I gave him some cheerios, because he wouldn't eat any toast or bread, and he drank some water.  He also threw that up.  He threw up 6 times between 4 & 6:30.  It was awful.  I wanted to get Ryan some pedialite because I didn't want him to be dehydrated but Tim was gone and the carseat was in his car.  He finally came home around 7.  I took Ryan with me to Target to get some Pedialite (& a second carseat!)  He drank his sippy half full of Pedialite and went to bed without any problems.  He slept all night too until 8am, which I didn't think he would do.

On Tuesday Tim said he still wasn't feeling well, whiney & cuddly, but no throwing up.  Thank goodness!  He was sending me pictures.  I love getting cell phone pictures of my baby :)

Sitting in his new seat with his sippy & watching Barney.

Ryan fell asleep for his nap on the couch with Tim.  I miss them when I'm at work!

& my sweet little baby tonight.  So perfect.

When we were at my mom's house, she said that Ryan said "ni ni" before his nap.  Tim & I didn't believe her because we had never heard him say it.  Then today when I was at work Tim text me and said "I think Ryan just said night night right after I said it to him."  So tonight when I was getting ready to put him in his bed I asked him if he wanted to go "ni night" and he said "ni ni!"  So we kept saying it back and forth to each other!  Ahh.  He's so cute.

Ryan jibber jabbers a lot, all day long, but we have no idea what he's actually saying.   He used to say "stop" and "thank you" but he doesn't anymore.  Now he says- momma, dada, here you go, hi, and ni ni.  When I tell him to say "bye" he says "ahh" and waves.  I'm not sure if that counts as a word- but I'll count it anyways :)

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  1. Awww that first picture. :( He looks so sleepy. Poor sick baby. I'm glad he feels better!