Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maternity Pictures

I had mentioned in here that we did maternity pictures the other weekend.  I was 35w6d when these were taken.  I'm posting a few that I think look fine as is.  Tim gets mad when I post pictures before he has a chance to look at them- well the ones he takes anyways.  But I don't care!  I'm posting them anyways.  & Yes I know, I'm pasty white- but I don't care.  So- here's a few, and if he works on them and they come out looking better I might just post them again!  There are still more pictures that need to be worked on.

I still can not believe my little baby is almost here!  I'm starting to get excited about it.  I'm still nervous- but I know he will be perfect.  & I can't wait to see his perfect little face and fingers and feel his soft skin.  <3  We still don't have a middle name picked out for him.  I hope we can come up with him before we sign the papers and leave the hospital.

On Monday, I took Ryan to My Gym.  It's so far away- but I was excited to take him.  It annoys me how so many things for moms and toddlers are during the daytime.  What about moms who work full time??    So we went, and he loved it!  I forgot my camera- so I was chasing him around with my cell phone.  Horrible picture quality.

He was in baby Heaven.  I wish I could have a little baby gym at my house!  At the end of class, they blew bubbles.  All the other little toddlers were sitting on their mommies laps listening to the teacher tell a little story with a puppet.  Not Ryan, he was walking around poking all the bubbles with his fingers.

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  1. I didn't see this post til now!

    That place looks like Jump Up. He's silly popping all the bubbles!