Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back to work

I uploaded these pictures a few days ago and never got the chance to actually write anything down.  I don't have much to say.  I had 66 days off of work, and as of Tuesday- I am again, a working mommy.  Being a working mom is soo exhausting.  I forgot how tiring it is to work all day and then come home to my babies.  I've said it before, but I really do have the best of both worlds when it comes to my job and being a mom.  I have the absolute best job in the world.  Spend all day with 27 kids who are awesome, then come home to spend the rest of the evening with my family. =)

I wanted to ease back into work.  I didn't go in on Monday, it was my long term subs last day.  I went in on Tuesday- we went on a field trip to the Desert Museum.  Tim met me there with Ryan and Jake so I was able to spend a few hours with them.  That night I went to bed at 8:45pm.  See what I mean-exhausting!  Wednesday is half day, plus it was Grandparents' Day.  After school got out for the day  I made a bunch of copies.  Being gone for 7 weeks, I have a lot to catch up on.  Today and tomorrow we have off for Rodeo Break!  Rodeo is a big thing here in Tucson and all the schools get a 4 day weekend.  I'm glad Tucson cares more about rodeos than presidents!

Ryan on 2/16/12- 20 months old!!

The babies were ANGELS for daddy yesterday!  What the heck?  haha.  I've been so nervous that Tim would have a nervous breakdown or something watching the kids.  Nope-  Jake slept ALLL day long yesterday and only woke up to eat.  & Ryan took a 4 hour nap.  Seriously??  Maybe they are just trying to ease him in.

Ryan turned 20 months old last week!  That means in less than 4 months he will be two!  I've been trying to plan his birthday party.   I have the theme, location, food menu, and thanks to Pinterest- lots of decoration ideas!  I have his shirt picked out on Etsy- just need to buy it.  I'm going to buy the boys personalized birthday shirts every year and make them wear them until it's not cool anymore.      

This post is random and that's all I have to say for now!

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