Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Annies- Year 3

This year was our 3rd year going to Apple Annies.  It gets better every year.  This year was extra fun because we went with Tim's brother & his family.  We all went to Jerry Bob's for breakfast.  I want to make it a tradition!  Last year Tim slept in so we didn't have time for Jerry Bobs, but this year we did :)  Ryan ate like a little piggy at breakfast.  After breakfast we took the hour drive out to Willcox, Arizona.  I'm not sure it's an hour, I never really pay attention and I fell asleep on the way out there.
The first year we went, there were a ton of apples & pears.  Last year we went, we didn't find one single piece of fruit.  This year, we found a few apples and a bunch of pears.  I wore Jakey in the carrier and Tim pulled Ryan in the wagon.
By the time we decided to quit picking apples and walk over to the pears, Tim & I only had 2 apples in our bucket.  We need to go earlier next year!  I said that last year too, but we still didn't go earlier this year.
Tim took a bite out of the first pear he picked and then gave it to Ryan.  Ryan held on to that pear the entire time we picked pears and almost until we were about to walk out of Apple Annies.   It was his first real pear, and he loved it!
Momma got tired of wearing Jake- so Uncle Tom said he would hold him.. Caitlyn and I wanted him to wear him instead.  He looked so big and long.  My baby..

That didn't last too long, he started whining a bit.. and into momma's arms he went.

After some fruit picking.. came the pumpkin patch!  This little stack of apples made me realize how time flies.. wasn't Tim just sitting on this haystack wearing Ryan???
Last year we didn't have enough time to go through the corn maze, this year we did!  However, I think we spent a little <b>too</b> much time in the corn maze.  Hey- It made up for last year!  Kylie chose the hard course with the hardest questions.  Too bad we didn't know the answers to the questions and Caitlyn had to pull out her phone a few times to google the answers.  I was so proud of Ryan though.  We were in the corn maze for almost an hour and he walked the entire time, with the exception of the last few minutes which I carried him.  He was such a good boy.

Ryan & his Auntie Caitlyn.
After we FINALLY made it out of the maze, Tim & Ryan chose our pumpkin.  One big pumpkin for us to carve and I got a little baby pumpkin for Ryan to paint.. which we will do early next week!

 We also picked some green chilis.. okay Daddy did that part.

Played in the corn...
 & Attempted to take a family photo- the only decent one!

When we got back into town, Caitlyn, Tom & Kylie came over for dinner.  We had steak, pork chops, green chilis, rice, french bread, and grapes.  Yum.
Everyone had so much fun, and as always-  Can't wait to go again next year and continue the tradition.  The only thing missing, was our sweet little E.




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  1. So fun! I wish we had something like that here.