Thursday, November 1, 2012

Show & Tell; How I Met Your Father

[ I had originally started this post on Monday, but got busy and never finished it until Thursday morning!]
1. Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.

Once upon a time I had a different blog online- I wrote in there from about 2002-2010.  So, while there are lots of things I'd like to forget, I like going back reading about the things I wrote about when I first met Tim.  I'm going to cut this from my other online journal, I wrote this in March 2007.  Okay okay, it's a teeny tiny bit edited since this blog is public!

"There is also Tim. It's weird how everything always works itself out. Once I finally feel that things couldn't possibly get any better- they always do. God amazes me. Tim amazes me. I met him @ the mall where we both used to work. He works for an indiret company for Verizon Wireless called Digitell & I worked @ the OJ/DQ in the mall. The weird thing is that he has worked in the mall for the past year. I worked there from Dec 2003-June 2006 & from Nov 2006-March 2007. & I barely met him in the beginning of February. I'll tell my story.

One day, I took out the trash & when I came back to work the door was locked. So I went to the front of the store to have someone let me in. Tim & this other guy are standing there. Ofcourse, I talk to everyone so I'm talking to them. I always talk to people who work in the mall. The other guy works @ Qwest- I'm telling "qwest guy" how we always call everyone by where they work.. For instance "qwest guy, forever 21 girl, pretzel boy, etc." So the Qwest guy is like "fine- You're Orange Julius girl." & We're all just being stupid. So I turn to "Verizon guy" and ask him what his name is. He says Tim. But in my opinion, he says it with this little accent so it sounds like "TEM"- so me & qwest guy are making fun of "Tem." Sounds dumb- but people who work in the mall get bored @ work.

Tem keeps coming back to my work- We have $1 mall employee sodas so everyone who works in the mall always come by to get them. One time Tem came over & I was telling him how my cell phone battery sucks & I want to get a new phone. He tells me to come to his kiosk when I can. So I go over there- he looks @ my phone and gives me a cell phone battery. Then I give him my phone information so he can look up to see when I'm eligible for an upgrade. (Not until May 18!) I leave & go back to work. Like 20 minutes later I get a text that says -"Hey this is Tem, do you mind if I keep this number?" Which is totally cheesy but I said he can keep it as long as he uses it. & we keep texting that day... Which is February 7th.

We worked that whole weekend together & he comes by my work & I go by his. On Sunday, I invite him out to CowPony w/ me, Kim, & Kayla. He comes and he looks totally hott. He played pool w/ Kayla. I don't play pool.  [Deleted stuff here :) ]

That Monday we worked together. He asked me to go to Dinner w/ him on Tuesday. It was pretty much my first date. He asked me out, We got dressed up (a little), he picked me up at my house, we ate dinner @ Fridays---which is totally not my favorite anymore THEY GOT RID OF THE FRENCH DIP SANDWICH---, we talked a lot, he paid. We did the whole "getting to know eachother" thing.

The day after our first date was Valentine's day. He called me & told me to go in the hallway, he usually does this at work so he can give me a kiss. So I went in the hallway & he had a small bouquet of pink and red carnations w/ a card that said "REBECCA I'M GLAD WE MET! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! TEM" Which was the cutest thing ever. When we were @ CowPony there was a guy selling roses & I told Tim that the guy needed to sell carnations instead. & He bought me carnations after me only saying something about carnations once. & We have pretty much hung out everyday since. "
..... & the rest is history.

2. Show us the very first {or one of the first} pictures you guys ever took together. {Feel free to show us more than one}

This is a cell phone picture taken the first night we hung out.  This was 5 days after we first met.

3. Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.
We have some pretty obvious favorite memories; getting engaged, meeting my daughter, getting married, honey, and having the boys..

A memory that sticks out in my head.. When Tim & I had been dating for about a month, he had to move to Prescott for his job.  He usually came down to Tucson every weekend to hang out with me.  One Wednesday evening, I was sitting in my bedroom and Tim text me a picture of my car sitting in my driveway.  I called him back and he was sitting in front of my house.  He had driven down to Tucson for the night to take me to the movies and left in the morning.

I love the day after we got engaged.  We went out to breakfast at Denny's and we were telling everyone that we had just gotten engaged.  After Tim dropped me back off at my house on Monday morning (he had to drive back to Prescott.)  There were flowers in my bedroom and he had left little notes all over my bedroom.  I still have all those little notes too!

The day we got married was pretty special too.  My favorite part of that whole day was after we were pronounced husband and wife and we walked back down the aisle.  When we got to the end I was practically bouncing up and down and said "We're Married!!" (first thing I said to him after we got married.)

My 26th birthday was pretty memorable.  It was our first time at Apple Annies, Ryan was only 4 months old.  I had already written about that in here.

I'll stop there.

4. Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him "the one."

The first thing that attracted me to Tim was obviously the way he looked.  I can still look at him and think he is gorgeous.  I also liked his sense of humor.. he could always (& still can) make me laugh.  He's hard working, he's loyal, and he's an amazing dad.  My heart melts every night as I watch him play with Ryan and Jake.  I never have to ask him to watch or play with the kids, he does it anyways.

5. Tell us what your "date nights" typically look like.

Our date nights begin after the babies are in bed.. We get out some popcorn and sit on the couch watching Netflix! hahaha.

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