Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just like every other holiday, I completely over do it with the activities.  This Halloween was no exception.  Thanks to the lovely lady at Arizona Families, there was a ton of stuff going on for Halloween.

Every time Elyse comes to visit, she always talks about how she wishes she could come out to visit us for Halloween.  I've always thought she was a little silly.  Halloween?  It's not even that great of a holiday!  But I guess I thought those things before I had kids.  With every Halloween activity we did, I kept wishing our baby girl was here with us.  I have been counting down the days for Halloween & it came... & went.  Now there is 364 more days until it comes again.

I knew I wanted the boys to be football players this year.  I searched online for football jerserys.  I looked on Etsy.  I didn't like anything.  I don't like the real football jerseys.. I wanted a baby style jersey.  I searched pinterest and I clicked on the first toddler football DIY costume that popped up and I was in love!  I had immediately sent my mom an email and called her on the phone to tell her to check out the pictures.

Tim & I searched for the perfect shirt.  No store had plain pocket t-shirts.  I was feeling discouraged when I decided to check the clearance rack at the Children's Place and what did I find?  A plain red pocket tee in a 6-9m on clearance for $1.99... and what do you know, Ryan has the same exact shirt hanging in his closet in a 24m!  It was meant to be!  Again, I called my mom so excited that I had found something.  We found the leggings at Old Navy.

You add the pocket tees with the leggings, some iron on letters, scissors, batting, bias tape, eyeliner, and one crafty Grandma & you get two super adorable little football players.

My mom over nighted these costumes the day she finished them and I was so excited to rip open the package.  I fell in love with them right as I took them out of the FedEx bag.  I had to dress up my boys and just stare at how cute they were.  They were definitely going to be the cutest little trick or treaters this year.  :)

Friday night, I had to work the school carnival at work.  Tim came along with the boys where Ryan ran around like a mad man and Jakey spent the evening snuggling daddy.

The next night we went Trunk or Treating and played some games.  Ryan LOVED the games, I think I liked watching him even more.

On Sunday afternoon a church was putting on a Harvest Festival at a junior high school.  We all had so much fun.  There was tons to do and lots to eat.  Hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, snocones- We ate it all!


Ryan played the games.  He walks up to everything and just puts the pieces where they go.

It took him a little while, but he finally went into the jumping castle... Daddy had to go in with Ryan.
The boys got their first face paintings, little footballs.  They didn't last long because they kept rubbing them off so I took them off once we got home.

That night, you guessed it, we went to another carnival right down the street.  There was a ton of little kid games.  Ryan played games for 2 hours.  More free food, this town has so much free food on holidays!  Nachos, popcorn, and chili dogs!

After Sunday night, the kids had definitely gotten use out of their costumes.  At this point I had dressed them in them 4 times to go do Halloween events.

On Hallween night we went Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood.  Our last neighborhood didn't really have trick or treaters, but this one had a bunch of houses passing out candy.  Jakey got pushed around in his buggy and Ryan was able to walk all by himself.  After about an hour, Ryan was getting pretty cranky.  This kid does not nap anymore!  He's napped one time in the past two weeks.  He sits in his crib and plays or crys.. which makes for a very grumpy two year old in the evening.

The kids got a ton of candy, momma got a ton of pictures, everyone commented on how cute they were and how much they loved their costumes, and we have more sweet memories to add to our book of life :)

Happy Halloween!

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