Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 1

I wrote this post this weekend and forgot to finish it!

Last year I was able to do my October post on October 1st.  The year before I did it on October 1st too because I was doing my 365.  This year I'm a week late. 
For the past 3 years, it has been my little tradition to put Ryan in his Halloween shirt and pajamas on October 1st.  It was really hard this year for me to wait until October.  But I did it.  What is it about pajamas that make them so exciting? 
The kids must have known how excited I was because they did not cooperate at all. 
Here's my first attempt.  Fail.  They kept crawling all over the kitchen trying to bug me while I made lunch!
I squeezed Jake into this little onesie!  It barely snapped at the bottom.

I tried to get them again.  In the first one, Ryan's crawling over jake.  In the second one, Ryan's pushing Jake away from him.  & Here's the third, Jake rolling away from Ryan.

I managed to get a smile out of Ryan when I tickled him.

I found you guys some matching skeleton jammies.  I think every momma out there has skeleton jammies for their babies in October.  They are so cute and I love the way they glow in the dark.  Jake's are a little big, but the smallest size they had was 12m so I bought it anyways.

They look the same sleeping.  :)

October brings lots of fun things and lots of memories to be made!    We already have plans filling up for October.  Pumpkin patch, Apple Orchard, my 28th birthday, Harvest Festival at my school and the Arizona State Fair.  I love making memories with my boys.


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