Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jake's First Haircut

The first week of February, I decided that it was about that time. Time that Jake got his first hair cut.  We drove to the barber shop and once I unstrapped Jake from his car seat, I started getting a little anxious & nervous.  I didn't want to cut his sweet little curls off.  I loved his long light brown hair.  Tim told me that if it was going to make me sad, then we didn't have to do it.  So that's what I decided.  I wasn't ready to give my baby his first hair cut.  We walked into the barber shop and Tim got a hair cut instead.

& Everyday since, Tim has talked about how handsome Jakey would look with a hair cut.  Then I started thinking the same thing.. I remember how cute Ryan looked after he looked after his first hair cut and how cute he still looks after his hair cuts.

So when Jakey woke up from his nap, I got the boys dressed and off we went to get hair cuts.  Ryan got his hair cut first, and for the first time, he started whining.  I had to go stand next to him and hold his hand...

Jake's long (& out of control hair.)

Trying to get a picture of the front, but instead we got a double chin.

The hair dresser clipped off one of his curls and saved it for me.

Finished product.  :)  So so handsome.  I could not stop staring at how cute he was.  On our way home from getting hair cuts Ryan fell asleep so we put him in his crib when we got home and I took Jake for a nap.  For the first time in 14 months, I think he looks like Ryan!  Ryan's got bigger eyes and Jake has bigger ears but their similarities are starting to really show.

He's so sweet :)

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  1. So handsome! :) Aiden did perfect for his first 3 haircuts, then started screaming bloody murder. We finally were able to start taking him back a year ago, I hope Ryan stays okay with it, I'm sure he will!