Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Day at the Park

After spending almost 48 hours at the lake- we drove back to my parent's house to stay the night.  I didn't feel like spending the next 3.5 hours driving in a car.  I felt like laying on my parent's couch! 
We played a few games of yahtzee and had some lunch.  After Jakey's nap we went to the park.  For whatever reason, I really wanted to go to the park.  I'm sure it was over 100 degrees outside too, but for whatever reason- the weather felt so nice and I wanted to be outside playing with the kids.  My mom took us to this big park out there.  It was a really nice park and it was pretty big with so much stuff to do!  I'm used to the traditional plastic parks.  I loved this park and they need to get one here!
We have a swing in our backyard- Ryan hates it but Jake loves it.  He will just hang out and swing for like 20 minutes while I trim the bushes or do whatever and Ryan plays.  He liked this swing too but he was a little small for it.  He looked funny.

They also had this rock climbing wall.  Tim was able to do it.  It took me like 5 tires but I got it too.  Mom tried it once and didn't try again.  Elyse tried a few times but couldn't get it.  This rock wall made me think we needed to try rock climbing!  Tim and I went rock climbing at an indoor rock climbing place- it was a lot of fun and I think Elyse is at the age where she would have fun too.
They even had a neat tire swing!
My family of 5!  Nice, red, and sweaty!
Jake's face makes me laugh!  Daddy was chasing him and he was giggling.
After our fun at the park- we headed home for hot dogs and ice cream.  Ryan played trains and then Ryan, Jake, and I went to sleep while Elyse & Daddy headed for a swim in Grandma's pool.

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