Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Citrus Lane- June 2013 Box Review

It's that time of the month again!! Our Citrus Lane box arrived on today!. This will be our 6th box.

For anyone who does not know, Citrus Lane is a subscription box service for babies/toddlers/kids from birth to age 5. Basically, you will receive a surprise box filled with 4-5 (mom approved, top of the line) items tailored to your little ones age.

You can get boxes on a month to month basis for $25/month.. or you can a 6 month subscription for $21 a month! When I signed up, I put in my little one's name, birthday, and gender to ensure that Ryan would receive a box especially made for him.

Citrus Lane ships their boxes from California on the 15th of every month and arrive on your doorstep between the 17th and 22nd of every month. Did I mention that you also receive free shipping?!

Here we go! Our box is for a 36m old boy.  Before this year, each of the boxes always had a theme- this year they got rid of the themes and decided to save them for special occasions.  I guess June was a special occasion because the theme of this month's box was "Fun in the Sun."



1. Dot to Dot Chalk from Alex Toys ($2.95)
An awesome summer toy?  I think so! Ryan and I were happy to recieve some new sidewalk chalk!  This was actually on my list of things to buy at Target.  This set comes with 4 polka dotted chalks and a holder that is the perfect size for tiny hands.

2  Sun Protection Hat from iPlay ($14.00)
This navy blue whale patterned hat also came at the perfect time for us!  We've been swimming a few times a week lately and I don't have a hat for both of my kids.  Ryan is just now actually WEARING hats (for a little while.)  He was happy about his hat and we put it on as soon as he took it out of the box.  This hat also is made of UV protective fabric, has a neck flap and baseball cap brim and ties under the chin.  The material is also light to keep your baby cool.

3.  Sand Drill from Haba ($4.99)
This toy is a little drill for the sand.  It's made out of pretty durable plastic.  Ryan was so excited to play with this in our back yard.  However, it doesn't drill holes in your average backyard, so Ryan lost interest in it pretty quickly.  This toy is designed more for a trip to the beach or in a sand box.
4. Sunny Sunscreen from Episencial ($7.50ish)
I was really really hoping that sunscreen would come in our box this month and it did!  This is a smaller version than the one they sell on their website.  This size is a 1.5oz and online they sell it in 2.7oz.  Back in our January box, we recieved lotion from Episencial and my husband and I were the ones to use it- it was awesome lotion so I'm sure this product won't disappoint either.
Trying on his new sun hat and sand drill- we had to go out back as soon as he opened the box to try them out.
Practicing his drilling.

I loved this summer box, it's probably one of my favorites. Would you like to try out Citrus Lane? You can get your first box for only $15 by clicking the link Citrus Lane Sign up. You will get $10 off your first box and I will get $10 off my next order!

Do you already subscribe to Citrus Lane? Share your review link with me so I can read your review!

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