Monday, June 24, 2013

Ryan's Third Birthday

I want to start off by saying, I'll probably post a ton of pictures.  Birthdays are a big deal around here, especially my little man's third birthday!  It's so crazy that I have a three year old!  At least when people ask me how old my kids, I can now say "3 and 1" instead of "1 and 2."  :)
Ryan's actual birthday was Sunday, June 16.  We started off our morning with a few texts from some of his favorite Aunties.  Loni had sent Ryan a gift more than a month ago and she FINALLY wanted him to open it.  Ever since Ryan started getting Citrus Lane boxes he loves opening up big boxes.
He was so happy to open up his first present, and he was even more excited when he saw what was inside.  A brand new scooter!  He just stands on it while we push him around.  I'll have to teach him to ride it and then he'll love it even more.

We spent the morning at church.  Ryan is really loving Sunday School.  He's in a preschool class now.  He made his very first sunday school craft that day.  He colored a picture of a whale and it has a little flap that you lift up and Jonah is inside the whale's tummy.  It's up on my fridge and I think we might have to keep it forever <3  My heart felt so happy.  My baby is getting big and soon he's going to be making all sorts of crafts all on his own and I don't know  how I'll ever be able to get rid of any of them.
Jakey went down for a nap while Ryan, Elyse, and I made cupcakes for Ryan.  When Jake woke up we all went to Circle K for some sodas and icees & to get pizza from Little Caesars.  We went on a picnic at the park.  I brought Ryan a few changes of clothes so we could take his three year pictures when we were there. 
We ate our pizza and then started playing. We weren't playing too long when we all heard Ryan crying at the same time. We all turned our heads and Ryan's entire face, hands, and shirt were covered in blood.  I ran over to him and he stopped crying.  I grabbed some wipes to clean his face to see what happened to him.  He had a little gash on the top of his forhead and he said  his head hurt.  Thankfully the people who were right next to us had a lot of paper towels and some ice.  We got Ryan all cleaned up and took him to Urgent Care.  I stayed pretty calm but it was pretty awful seeing him with so much blood.
At urgent care, the nurse checked him out.  She said he didn't need stitches but she wanted to put some glue on it and glue it back together.  She also gave us a prescription for antibiotics so it wouldn't get infected.  Ryan was such a good boy.  He's been talking about his head ever since though and has told everyone about it.
We took him to Target to let him pick out a present.  He picked out two hotwheels.  A little purple truck and a white car.  We came home and I put him in Jake's high chair so he could eat a cupcake.  He had been wanting one all day, poor guy!  After he was done, he asked for another one.  Because it was his birthday, I let him eat two.
I decided to spoil him a little more and let him stay up late watching Curious George with me on the couch.  He started looking pretty tired so we crawled into bed together.  We took a few pictures and after he fell asleep, I just kept thinking about how dang perfect he is.  He was such a cute, sweet boy all day.  Especially because he's been such a little brat these last few weeks driving momma nuts!
I'm glad we were able to make his birthday special for him.  He had to of known it was his birthday, and next year will be even better when he understands birthdays a little more.
Ryan had his three year well check on Friday.  He was 25lbs and 35in.
Now onto Ryan's birthday party.  We had his birthday party on June 22 @ 4:00 and his Grandma R's house.  It was a cars theme, obviously.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me decorate and get ready for the party! --Mom, Dad, Tim, Casey, my niece Haley, and Elyse! 
Stop Light cupcakes
Unloading Zone
Ryan checking out his cupcakes.
The food table, before everyone came & everything was out.  We had hotdogs, nachos, brownies, cupcakes, and m&ms.  The nachos were a HUGE hit and I was a teeny tiny bit bummed that there weren't any left over to bring home!

The little crafting area.  I had some crafts set up on a longer table but it actually got moved to this smaller table.  The kids had stuff to make their own license plates, hot wheels coloring pages, and a couple of transportation puzzles.
Next, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday!"  I think Ryan felt a little happy/embarrassed when he realized everyone was singing to him!  He made a million different facial expressions and they were all so, so cute.  I should have video taped it!
Taking time out to take pictures with papa.
After cupcakes and brownies it was time to open presents.  He got lots of new toys and clothes!  His new carseat had come in too!  Yay!

Everyone went out back to play some more.  My brother sent over a tire so we could do a little bean bag toss into the tire.  I used the same bean bags that we had made last year.  After only playing for a little bit, the grown ups started playing and it turned into a bean bag fight!
My birthday boy!

Of course, I had to get in a family photo <3
Ryan's party was SO much fun and so perfect for him.  He LOVED it and it meant so much to me to see him so happy and know that this day was all for him!
After cleaning up and saying bye to everyone- we headed home and decided to go for a swim.  My dad stayed home with Jake & the rest of us went swimming.  I needed one last picture with the birthday boy before we left.
Swimming at night was actually pretty fun.  I hadn't done it in years.  It wasn't so burning hot outside either.  We all came home to this...

Happy birthday to best, sweetest, and cutest little three year old there is.  Ryan- we love you so much and I could never ask for anything better.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so perfect for out little guy!






  1. I love that pic of ryan and you! So pretty!!

  2. Aiden's first Sunday school craft is still on my fridge! :)

    What a fun party. So many cute pictures.

    And the picture of Grnadpa and Jake! ❤