Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Date 1- Pizza & Movies

Our first Family Date Night- Pizza & Movies.  We love Peter Piper Pizza around here and Tim & Elyse love movies.  I'm not much of a movie person- I usually end up falling asleep.=)
We spent the early evening at Grandma R's house getting ready for Ryan's birthday party so we invited her to tag along on our family date.  Watching Elyse open up her envelope was pretty fun, she makes the best facial expressions.
Our first stop- Pizza at Peter Piper.  We ordered two large pizzas, breadsticks, and Elyse got her own personal pan pizza.  I don't know what I was thinking ordering two larges.  We didn't even touch the second large, but we did it for lunch the next day.
Grandma, Jake, and I stayed at the table to talk.  Ryan ran around like a mad man. & Tim & Elyse played games.
Can you spot Ryan?
Elyse won 188 tickets and chose this as her prize?  Does anyone remember these?  They make me think of my grandma.  My brother and I went to visit my grandma in West Virginia when I was in fourth grade and I remember her getting one for me at a little store by her house.  Tim had never seen one before and either had his mom.
Our second stop was Redbox.  Elyse got to choose the movie and she chose some horror movie called "MAMA."  She had seen it before and wanted us to watch it with her. 
Sorry for the awful pictures!

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  1. I can't believe they've never seen one! Those things are weird!

    You must be married to a photographer, I didn't think any of your pictures were awful! :)