Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Day Before Your Third Birthday

Today is the day before your birthday. It's so crazy that you are turning three- part of me feels like time has gone by so quickly, and it has. The other part of me can't even remember what life was like  before you. You (& your brother) are the best things that has ever happened to me. Being your mommy has been nothing but amazing.

I started this blog for you. Yes- I want to remember everything about my life with you... But more than that, I want you to always know how much love I have for you. How much happiness and love you have brought to my life.  I could never ever write down and try to explain my love for you- but I will show you every day of my life.

Your Grandpa Al is in town and he leaves back to Tennessee tomorrow. Since he can't be with you on your birthday or at your party I wanted to do something special so he could help you celebrate today.  We took you to Chuck E Cheese. You loved it, I knew you would. Grandma and Grandpa came, so did Uncle Tom and Kylie.  

You loved the concept of tokens and getting tickets. You ran around that place like a mad man looking for just the right game to play. You loved Skee Ball- even though you couldn't get the balls up high enough. You helped Daddy play basketball. You even took tokens from me and ran off to play games by yourself.

At the end of our Chuck E Cheese adventure you got 315 tickets. Do you know what you wanted to exchange your tickets for? A little pack of nerds. You held them so tight in your hands all the way to grandma to show her the treat you got.

Grandma brought a card for you. You love opening up envelopes- especially when they are for you.  Grandma was sweet enough to get you the new carseat I have been wanting for you! It should be here sometime next week! Momma's probably more excited than you are. But you ran to grandma and grandpa with your little arms wide open and told them "thank you."

Afterwards, grandma and grandpa wanted to take you and the girls to Target so you guys could pick out your own birthday presents ( they had missed the girls' birthdays last year.) Daddy and Grandpa walked you over to the toy aisles and you knew what you wanted right away. You picked out a new train set and two hotwheels cars.  I don't think you could ever have enough hotwheels. You have played with them everyday since as long as I can remember. After you say "Hi momma!" every morning, the next word out of your mouth is "cars?" And momma always says "Yes baby, go get your cars." You run and grab your backpack filled with cars and roll them all over my bed until momma's done being lazy.

You were so, so excited to come home and play with your new train set. However, you fell asleep less than a mile away from our house. After your nap you remembered your train set and momma set it up for you on the coffee table.

We had a yummy dinner at your grandparent's house and you soon became a wild child when I let you have a piece of cheese cake.

Even though I know you won't, I wish you could always remember this day.  Sometimes I feel a little sad, just knowing that, in the long run, you'll never remember any of the days we've had so far.

I wrote in my journal in the morning before you were born.....

"I can't sleep anymore. Today is my due date. I have agreed to get induced today. I actually have to be at the hospital in an hour and a half. I cried off and on all day yesterday. I'm pretty much scared shitless. Not about the induction, but about being a mommy. I have to bring Ryan home, take care of him, love on him, you get the point. I could barely sleep last night. 

Yesterday was my last appointment. It was weird scheduling my next appointment 4 weeks from now, instead of in a week.

I'm going to straighten my hair. My bags are already packed. I'll eat a small bowl of cheerios before I go. I just hope my baby likes me. && that people don't bug me too much today.

Here we go..."

It makes me laugh about how scared I was to bring you into this world and raise you. You've made it so easy for momma and I've loved everyday you've let me be your momma so far. 

I hope I can make tomorrow special for you as we celebrate your third year of life.

I love you, monkey.

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