Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Family Date- A Trip to the Bookstore

This was our first envelope of the summer.  I'm calling this one a "mini date" because it only contained one activity where all the others have two different activities.  I showed Elyse these envelopes at Easter time and she was excited to open them when she came back for the summer.  I scheduled every envelope to a certain date that would work with our schedule.  She knew that our first one was for June 14, so she was anxious to open it when she woke up.
It was pretty cute watching her.  In the envelope she got a little note that says "Use this gift certificate for some good books.  Don't forget to let Ryan and Jakey pick out a book too!"  The day before, Ryan had gotten a gift card in the mail for his birthday to Bookmans so it came at the perfect time.  I added it to the envelope so Elyse wouldn't have to share with Ryan.  I also put in a little list "Books I Bought" because Elyse likes writing lists and keeping notes.
We went swimming in the afternoon with some of our friends and came home to put Jake down for a nap.  We were now waiting for Jakey to wake up so we could head to the bookstore.
Elyse checking out some books.
Ryan checking out some books.
Jakey playing with a stuffed duck.
Elyse shared some of her gift certificate with Dad so he got to pick out some photography magazines.
Elyse & Ryan checking out their books.
Ryan was excited to have his own bag- you wouldn't know it by the picture.
This was fun.  It could have been a regular trip to the book store, but it was a lot more fun being in an envelope!  Elyse and Ryan each got their own gift certificates and knew exactly how much they were able to spend.  Okay- Ryan had no clue, so I helped him.  Since Elyse opened her envelope in the morning, she was looking forward to her date all day.
Now we have 5 more bigger dates that I can't wait to share.

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