Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Date 3- Breakers

I took a picture of what was inside the envelope after we got back from the water park.  Back in March, there was a living social deal for $15 which included an admission into the water park, a large soda, and an order of nachos.  I was so excited!  I bought 3 of them and couldn't wait for Elyse to open her envelope!  I also gave her $10 to spend that night at the swap meet.  This envelope was the best one and I absolutely loved watching her open it!  It was priceless!
That morning, I packed everything we would need to spend a day at the water park including lots of water, snacks, and sandwiches.  We went outside and took some picture while we waited for daddy to finish getting ready.
See the milk that Ryan got all over Jake's carseat?!
& does anyone notice Ryan's sweet face?!  He's finally forward facing.  We kept him rear facing til he was 3!  Safety first for my little guy <3
Right when we got to the water park, Elyse wanted to swim in the wave pool!
I took Ryan & Jake over to the splash pad for a little while and they loved it!  Their little faces were so cute and they were so happy!
Elyse held Ryan and made him go under the big bucket with her.  She was hiding behind Ryan in the picture.
The weather was 113 degrees that day!  It was so hot, but thankfully we wore a ton of sunscreen and nobody got burnt!  Plus, being at the water park, the weather actually didn't feel too bad since we were able to swim and get wet.
Elyse and I went down all of the slides.  She went down them more than I did, obviously.  But I still had fun going down the slides.  Tim went down a few too.  He also took Ryan down his first tube slide.  Ryan loved it.  I was surprised he was tall enough to go down the slide, but he sat in Tim's lap on the tube and it went really slow.
My new favorite picture :)
We stayed there until 15 minutes before close, at Elyse's request.  Both of the boys fell asleep on the way home.  Ryan even stayed sleeping when we got home.  We took showers and got ready to go to the swap meet. 
The swap meet was when I realized how miserably outside it was.  It was awful and humid... but Elyse had fun.  I couldn't wait to get home and shower again and lay on the couch!

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