Friday, July 5, 2013

Independance Day!

The Tuesday before the 4th, I took Ryan & Jake to story time at the library & the theme for the day was "4th of July."  I love taking them to story time, they always read a few books and sing songs and dance.  At the end of class, they always have a craft for the kids and some coloring pages.
This craft was a little visor.  They were cute and Ryan was so excited to make it. I absolutely love the age he is now and how happy he is to make crafts and how proud he is when he is done with them! 
I had to take a picture of the rare moment when they share <3
For the 4th of July, I checked out Arizona Familes to see what we could do.  I saw that they were having a parade on the mountain!  How had I never knew that before?!  I was so excited... I love going to the mountain & I love picnics.  Perfect.
The parade started at noon but the roads closed at 11:30- by the time we got up there and parked out car it was about 11:00.  We had enough time to find a spot to sit and eat our lunch.  We had sandwiches, yogurt, and popcorn.  I brought the kindle to keep Ryan entertained.  Jake was not that easy to keep entertained, he kept trying to get up and walk in the street.. and I had to keep grabbing him and making him sit back down!
I have more pictures on my camera- but I haven't uploaded them yet.  Maybe I'll post some later.  The parade was cute, it was short but Ryan and Jake still had so much fun.  Ryan liked the candy getting thrown at him.  He loved all the police cars and fire trucks and squealed and pointed at  Ryan and Jake dance to all the music.
After the parade we found some soldiers from the parade to take a picture with.  Elyse didn't want to be in the picture but we made her anyways!  & you can see Jakey hiding behind Ryan!
We walked down a little road to get some pictures of the kids.
When we came home, it was time for Jake to nap.  I thought the kids might want to paint to pass some time.  I got out some canvases and paints that I had bought for Elyse and Ryan before summer started.
Ryan finished his canvas quickly.  Elyse took h o u r s.  She was such a perfectionist and she wasn't happy with anything she was doing.  She like part of her canvas but then not other parts.  Eventually we made her take a break and try again the next day!  In the end, she painted a bunch of trees and a beach with a pretty sunset and she wanted us to hang it up in her room.  She did a great job.
I pulled out Ryan's water painting book that he had gotten from his Citrus Lane box a few months back.  He was loving it.  I let him color two pictures and he wanted to give one to Grandma!
After Jake woke up form his nap, we went over to Tim's parents house for dinner.  Dinner ended up being super late so we didn't have time to get to the place where we normally watch fireworks.  We went to the country club right by her house and the fireworks were only like 10 minutes long!  I was a little bummed.  But there is always next year!
Overall, the day was a lot of fun and we got to spend it with our family.
Happy Independence Day!

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  1. You should get the blogger app, then you can just add the pictures from your phone after you update on the computer!

    The fairgrounds stopped doing fireworks in 09 and the country club didnt do them this year, such a bummer. We used to be able to see two shows for free from home. No fireworks this year. :(