Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family Date 4- Color Me Mine

First off, I have to start with my sweet little Ryan!  I know I have had to mention in here before, but he LOVES Curious George!  Ryan calls him "Monkey George."  His cousin, Aiden, has a stuffed George that he got from his Aunt who got it at Kohls.  I've been wanting to get Ryan one, but online they are too expensive.  Since Rebecca goes to Kohls more than I do, I told her to let us know when they had George again.. and what do you know?  On Friday, she text us to let us know that George was at Kohls!
I took the boys to Kohls and Ryan ran straight over to George and hugged him!  They also had dogs and dinosaurs.  Since Curious George (the show) has a dog named "Hundley," I thought this dog was supposed to be Hundley but wondered why he was black instead of brown.  Turns out, it's just supposed to be the dog from "Curious George and the Puppies."  Oh well, Ryan still thinks he's Hundely.  He got $10 for his birthday from my friend Jennifer so I let Ryan spend his birthday money on these two little guys.
I turned around at every stop light to see him hugging these guys so tight.  He couldn't stop smiling!
Now to Family Date 4- Color Me Mine
I had originally wanted Ryan to paint with Elyse, but it was already 7:00 when we got there and I had a feeling Ryan didn't really have the patience to sit and paint.  Especially because he knows the mall has a play place.  Paint or Play?  Tim took Ryan to go play while I sat with Jakey and Elyse painted.
She picked out two things- a light switch cover for her room and a coffee mug.
She painted for almost two hours!
Jake sat like a good little boy for the most part.  When he started getting antsy, I just let him sit on my lap where he sat perfectly.
This one wasn't so much of a family date because Tim & Ryan did something different- but everyone had fun.  Elyse's pottery will be ready on Wednesday and she can't wait to see the finished product.
The plan was to get a Redbox movie afterwards but for whatever reason-- the thing wasn't working so we just went home and watched "The Truman Show."  Elyse and I made a big cookie/s'more type thing and I actually fell asleep during the movie.  I am the worst late night movie date- I always fall asleep!

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