Friday, January 31, 2014

January Ramblings

Time is just flying by, especially with the boys getting older.  I look back at my blog a lot and I'm always talking about how big the boys are getting..and looking back they are always so itty bitty.  When my kids are 18 and moving out, I'm going to really miss these days and how small they are.  How innocent and sweet they are.  How much they absolutely love life, except I'm hoping that that part of them never changes.

Ryan is completely taking in this learning thing.  He loves to learn about everything.  He loves his workbooks, activities, and puzzles.  He just soaks in all the information that he learns and remembers it and tells it to you later.

I've been trying to work on letters (writing them) with him.  Ryan has known all of his letters since before he was 2.5... and That's almost where Jakey is.  Jake doesn't know any!  He is totally the second child and I really, really, really need to get my butt into gear with him!

Ryan got Candyland and Memory for Christmas.  He only had to have a few turns before Candyland just clicked with him.  The first night we played it, he woke up the next morning asking to play it again.  I got a little sad that I had to go to work and couldn't play it.  But daddy played a few rounds with him.

He's also good at memory.  He actually beat me a few times :)

The boys got some new bikes and helmets from Santa.  Unfortunately for my itty bitty short kids, they can't exactly reach the pedal.  Ryan can barely reach it, but he still hasn't gotten the hang of riding.  Jake can't reach at all but he sure does love sitting on his bike.

We do our best to keep busy around here.  There is always a ton of stuff going on.  One of our favorite activities are the Home Depot and Lowes kids' workshops they always have going on.  We are regular attenders!

So.. Having Ryan has pretty much always been easy.  I had the best pregnancy, he was the best cutest little newborn.. and then infant and baby.. and then toddler.  Now that he is a preschooler he is still so easy.  He's so well behaved, he listens, he's smart, he's pretty much the model child and I've always thought that since the minute he was born.  Do I have bad days with him?  Sure I do, but they are very few and far between.

& Then there is my little firecracker Jakey.  You know?  The kid who gave me an extremely painful labor and delivery and then cried all day everyday for like 8 months?!  After that he became so sweet and cuddly.   Until the twos came around!  Don't get me wrong, he's still my sweet perfect little guy.  

He has developed this love for his momma.  I don't even think love is the right word.  Obsession maybe?  Jakey LOVES his momma.   Check out this picture of him.  I was blow drying my hair and he just pulled his little stool up and stared at me the whole time.  Part of me is trying to get him not so attached but an even bigger part of me is trying to remember that he's my baby and one day he won't be like this anymore.

The other part of him that isn't a super cuddly momma's boy.. is this mischievous little two year old boy.  And he is definitely two.

He climbed onto the table when I wasn't looking...  & then smiled at me when I caught him and told him to get down.

He gets into everything that he shouldn't be.. including butt paste when he's supposed to be napping.

Speaking of napping, he also went through a short period where he decided to destroy his entire room while he was supposed to be napping.  Thankfully, he is back to napping instead of making messes.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but he was climbing out of his crib every single time he was in it, so we started putting him in a twin bed.  He climbed out of that too for a little while but not any more.  Thank goodness!

Overall, the boys are cute and always silly and playing with each other.  After every bath they lay in Ryan's room and hide under their towels while I search for them.  They think it's hilarious and it never gets old.

& at the end of the day- they are still pretty awesome.

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