Saturday, February 15, 2014

The beginning of February

Well- It's already February.  I like February for 3 specific reasons.

1.  I met Tim on February 7th, 2007- and we always celebrate that as our "dating" anniversary.  I shouldn't say we "celebrate" it, because we don't really.  I just like it every year when that day comes around.  It has already been 7 years!  5.5 years of marriage and two sweet little guys.

2.  Something we do celebrate is the anniversary of our first date.  Yes, I remember everything.  After we met, we hung out once, and we basically spent a lot of time texting and talking on the phone.  We worked like 50 yards from each other so when we were both working at the same time- we would stop by and see each other.

But we decided to go on our first date to TGI Fridays- because at the time it was my favorite place to eat.  I loved their french dip sandwich.  However, they didn't have it anymore when we went together!  Bummer.

We called up Grandma on Feb. 13 and asked her if she could watch the boys.    She came over with Ryan and Jake's Valentine gifts!  She got them matching robot shirts!  Ryan's says "Big Dude" and Jake's says "Baby Dude."  She wanted to get him little dude but I guess the word "little" was too long to fit on their hats.  How cute are they?!

I decided to go to Joe's Crab Shack because I don't like sea food and Tim does.  I can't completely deprive him of it just because I don't eat it.  So I ordered some chicken fingers and fries- the same exact meal I ate on our first date!  Yuuum.  Haha.  I am definitely not an elegant eater.

After we ate dinner we went to the mall and went shopping.  Old Navy was having a huge baby sale so I got the boys way too many clothes, and then Tim and I each got a few shirts each.  Shopping alone is pretty priceless.  I don't mind grocery shopping with the kids or going somewhere with a cart.  But shopping with a big bulky double stroller is just too much.  Or even worse, letting Ryan walk around!   It was so peaceful to shop with just Tim!

After we went shopping we went to see a movie.  I can't even which movie we saw.. I'm writing this post more than 2 months after the day.  Oopsie!

3.  And Lastly, I love Valentine's Day!  Working with 26 second graders on Valentine's day is always super fun.  The kids are just so sweet, innocent, and so excited all day.  & After I get to celebrate it with my second graders, I come home and celebrate with Ryan and Jakey.  I just got them few snacks and some new cars.  I bet if I walked around the house and found every car we owned, we have more than 100.

& one last picture of Jakey, because sometimes he reminds me of a sweet little baby <3

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