Monday, February 24, 2014

The Week of Rodeo Break

Who doesn't love a little vacation from work?  You gotta love Tucson for celebrating Rodeo instead of Presidents Day, so we get off two days instead of just one.

My friend, Patty, had some extra tickets to the Rodeo so we met her there.  The kids liked it- for the most part.  Sometimes, I think the Rodeo is a little much.  Those poor little animals!

Since we had such a long day at the Rodeo we decided to stop by McDonalds and have ice cream for dinner.  When "Jon & Kate" used to come on TLC- they used to have ice cream for dinner just one night during the summer.  I always thought it was pretty cool.  So what if it's only February, it's Arizona and it was definitely warm enough to have ice cream for dinner.

I love this picture.  Ryan was so happy to show me that he cleaned his room all by himself, without me even asking.  He dragged me into  his room and I just laughed when I saw that his floor was definitely clean but everything was piled onto his bed.  It's hard to see his smile- but he was one proud little boy.

For the actual part of break over Rodeo Week- I took the boys to Yuma.  My friend, Kristina, was having a baby shower during the weekend and I wanted to go.  Plus, I had only seen my nephew, Asher for about an hour or two back in November.  Tim & I took the boys out for pizza before we left.  Tim couldn't make it because he had to work.  The drive up there was pretty nice, the boys slept the whole way.  I couldn't get a picture of Jakey because he still sits backwards.

The kids always love going to Grandma & Papa's house!  They run around like wild boys.  The next day, both of my parents had to work so we went to visit Auntie Bec, Asher and Rian.  It was pretty much the first time I actually got to spend time with Asher.  I snuggled him the whole time I was there.  He is just so sweet and perfect.  He gave my big time baby fever.  Before I started the car when we left, I called Tim to tell him we needed another baby.

Just look at that face.

We left to meet Grandma for lunch.  Chile Pepper!  Yum.

On Saturday, Aiden came over to play.  I had a baby shower to go to.  I hadn't seen my friend Kristina in a few years and I forget how much I miss them!  She has two little girls, 6 and 3, and she's pregnant with her third daughter.  

We were pretty busy on Sunday making sure that we could squeeze in everybody before we left town.  First we went to see Auntie Bec!  Jakey just loved Asher.. he kept pointing and saying "baby" over and over.

Then we stopped by to see Great Grandma & Great Papa.  My grandma had just gotten out of the hospital so we wanted to see her and give her hugs and kisses.

& after we met up at Jack in the Box with my parents for lunch, we stopped by to see another one of my high school friends, MariAnn.  She has an almost 7 month old little lady named Palmer.  Look at how rolly she is!

After our 4 days gone, we were happy to come back home to daddy.  We missed him!

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