Monday, March 31, 2014

March Ramblings

Another Month has come to an end.  During this month, Tim turned 33!  & to think he was just 25 when I met him!  At least he gets better looking as he gets older.

Spring Break was probably my favorite memory this month.  Back in my college days "Spring Break" definitely meant something different than it does now.   I was going through my phone looking at all of the things that happened during March.

The kids started their Spring gym class.  Their class is for ages 2-3, so for the first time, Jake can do gym with Ryan.  I've been looking forward to that.  It's impossible for me get a picture of the both of them when they are busy running around on the obstacle course.  & trust me, I tried many times to get a decent picture of them, but it never worked.

Check that out!  I did get a picture of them both, haha.  The backs of their heads!  Jake was pretty shy during his first week and wouldn't leave my leg.  He has since warmed up and enjoys going.  This is Ryan's third year doing the class- and he's loved it since the beginning.

We went to the Children's Museum.  Ryan and Jake's favorite there is the train table!  We have a train table at home and they each have a train table in their rooms at Church.  & trains at Grandma's.. they can not get enough trains!

They also had fun in the grocery shopping room.  They love real grocery shopping with mommy, too.

Ryan and I did a lot of crafts this month.  I got a Kiwi Crate box this month.  Jake takes long naps so that when I get my one on one time with Ryan.  

The box came with a few different crafts.  He  made a few spinners, some sun catchers for the kitchen window, and a bag.  He loved it all and kept asking for his "green box" after we completed the projects.

We spent a lot of time working on preschool skills.. cutting...glueing.. sorting.

Jake has been sleeping more heavily so I can finally go into his room and take pictures of him sleeping!  For the longest time, I only had picture of Ryan sleeping because Jake would wake up as soon as he heard me opening his door.

He sleeps with a ton of blankets and stuffed animals.  He takes them and puts them all on his bed when its nap time and bed time.  He is definitely a blanket baby and I don't mind.  His big sister loved her blanket for a long time too.

My good friend from high school/college came to visit us!  She had met Ryan at Jake's baby shower but had never met Jake before.  She moved to California and is in grad school there.  It is so good to see old friends and catch up!  Her and her boyfriend drove through town on their way home from Texas and came to visit.  Of course, Jakey was sleeping so Ashley didn't really "meet" him but she did peek in on him.  Ryan loved her boyfriend and was playing trains with him.

The kids are almost always awake when I leave for work at 8.  Ryan always asks for yogurt--- I was about to leave this day when...

Jakey woke up!  So I got I'm some picture of him too.  They are the best.  I love when they wake up before I leave and I get to spend  few minutes with them before I have to leave for the day.

& lastly, my big baby.  I put Jakey in onesies for pajamas when it's hot out and I always think he looks so cute and funny.

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