Monday, April 7, 2014

Sea World Take Two

The first week in April- I took some time off of work to go back to Sea World.  I wanted to take the kids to see everything we weren't able to see the first time.  Thankfully, my momma took off that Thursday to come with us!  We love spending time with Grammy. <3  Our first stop was In-N-Out.  Which is funny, because they have one where we live- but they used to only be in California so we used to go there whenever we went to San Diego.  At home, I don't ever go there, but I still like to go in San Diego.

My kid's cute!

Jakey was attached to Grammy- which I think she liked because he's always attached to momma.

We finally got to Sea World!!

I wanted to make sure we rode on all the rides because last time- we only went on the kiddy rides.  So we took the Gondola ride- Jake went with Grammy & Ryan went with Tim and I.  Ryan loved looking out over the water and seeing all of the boats.

We went back and rode more kiddy rides!!  Jake loved that Grammy and Ryan were right behind us- he kept looking at them.  He's pretty sweet.

I love seeing them so excited waiting in line for a ride! 

We also went to the Shamu show!  That was the only show we missed last time.   The line was so long last time because it was a weekend and the end of the day.  This time we went earlier in the day and showed up a little early.  Daddy wanted to sit in the splash zone and I didn't.  We ended up sitting in the splash zone anyways-  my mom bought a towel because we didn't want to get wet.

As always, Jake loved watching Shamu swim around and do tricks.  He was waving at us and spashing around.

At the end of the show- they had Shamu going around and doing big splashes.. My mom was sitting next to me and Ryan was in my lap and we had the towel- except when he splashed our area we pulled the towel up over our faces and our legs got soaked!  Poor Jake didn't have anything covering him up and he was not happy when Shamu got him all wet!  He hated it.. check out his face!

Something else that we didn't do the first time, was check out the kids play place and the Sesame Street characters.  Ryan loved seeing Elmo!  Jake- Not so much!  He didn't even want Elmo or Bert to be around him but Ryan was giving them both hugs.

Jake was so hesitant to play in the foam pit thing.  He just sat there next to my mom and I for the longest time.  And when he started playing- he really played.  I love this picture I caught of Jake's aggressive little face after he threw the foam block.

We went and saw the Sea Lions.. Jakey had his face pressed up against the screens.

We also brought lots of quarters to feed the flamingos again.  It's 50 cents for a hand food of little pellets for them.  Both of the kids are able to grab a handful and drop them down for the flamingos and watch them come and get the food.  They like that.

The last thing we did was go see the big turtles.  In all of my years at Sea World, I've never been back to see the turtles.  Jake was just mesmerized by the big creatures swimming around right in front of him.  We stayed and watched the turtles until it was closing time.

After we left- the kids fell asleep immediately in the car.  We stopped at a fast food mexican place and ate outside right next to the car since the boys were both sleeping.

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