Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sea World San Diego!!

Spring Break was the 3rd week of March.  The first thing on my list (okay, the only thing) was to take the kids to Sea World!  I absolutely love Sea World.  I've been there about 7 times.  Tim & I went together the first summer we were together.  I've been debating between taking the kids to Disneyland or Sea World.  Sea World won because it's a lot cheaper :)  We'll take the kids to Disney when they are older and can ride most of the rides.

I had invited my parents and Tim's mom to come along with us so we could all enjoy the kids at Sea World for the first time.  We headed from Tucson pretty late on Friday night, I had a party that night so we didn't get to leave until about 9:30.  It was late.  I slept most of the way... I think Tim must be used to it by now!  We drove to my parents' house to sleep some and then headed to Sea World early on Saturday morning.

I was so excited to see that Sea World sign!  I had been looking forward to our trip for months!  Our first stop was to pick up a stroller for the babies.  It was pretty difficult to push around, but my dad pushed it most of the way.

After that, we went to see the beluga whales.  The polar bears are in the same exhibit but they were in Pittsburg.  The polar bears in San Diego are female and the ones in Pittsburg are male so they are there for mating season.  Jake was hanging with his papa and he was just mesmerized by the whales swimming around.  Ryan liked them for a few minutes, but became more concerned about eating goldfish crackers- so that's what he spent his time doing.

Our next stop was the "Pets Rule!" show- I thought it was going to be lame because it featured cats and dogs- but wow.  It was pretty awesome with all the tricks they could do!  Plus they had pigs, ducks, and other animals too.  I think it might have been my favorite show at Sea World- plus, I had never seen it before.

Next stop was finding some place to eat lunch.  With 7 people, it took a while.  I guess I'm the only picky one so 99% of it was my fault.  The lines were also super long for every place to eat.  We settled for a place that had chicken strips, fish, and french fries.  It was probably also the least expensive place there.

We were planning on seeing the Shamu show- but the line was so long that I didn't feel like waiting.  Instead we went underground to watch the whales swim around.  This was Jake's favorite part of Sea World.  He stood at the glass and just watched and pointed to all the whales swimming by.  One whale even stopped right in front of him and swam.  He was so happy.  That was probably my favorite moment of the day.

We went over to where the dolphins were swimming.  Last time Tim and I went there- we fed them, and since we had food they would hang out by us and we were able to pet them.  This time, a lot of them were babies so we weren't able to feed them.  I guess you have to wait until they are older so that they could learn their manners.

After that we went to the Rays.. I can't even remember what type of Rays they were- We were able to feed these guys.  My dad went to get some fish (eyeballs and all!) to feed them.  It was pretty cool.  You hold the fish in between two of your fingers and just hold it down under the water and the ray will come over to you and eat it from your hand.  Eeek.  Dad, me, and Tim all fed them.

Jakey and Ryan even touched one!  After Jake touched one.. he wouldn't reach out to touch it again so I put him back in the stroller....

...where he whined and pointed to the rays so he could touch them again.  Of course.  Typical little Jakey.

They had a bunch of flamingos there too.  Their food only cost 50 cents and was in some of those candy dispenser things where you insert your coins and the little food pellets come out.  We loved feeding them.

We stopped by the dolphin show.  It definitely was not like I remember it.  Last few times I went- it was mostly about the dolphins, they jumped out of the water.  The trainers would put high bars up and we could watch how high the dolphins jumped out of the water.  This time- there was a little bit of dolphins swimming a lot of acrobats swinging and jumping into the water.  I do like the old show better. 

The last show we watched was Seymore & Clyde- the Sea Lion and Otter.  It's so amazing to me how they can train these animals and they can memorize their routines.  This show was different from last time I saw it, but still so so cute!  The animals put on a good show and it was pretty funny.

They also have rides at Sea World- We didn't go on any of the adult rides, but we did go on two of the kiddy rides.  The first one was the tea cups.

Check out Ryan's face!  I told him to smile.  He was trying to but he was nervous for the ride.  I love his face.

I like this picture- I asked my mom to take a picture of Tim and I.  Tim was putting on his sunglasses so he didn't have to squint because of the sun.  I handed my mom my phone and she must have held down the button for like 30 second because I had over 30 pictures!  Ha.

The second ride we road was called Elmo's Flying Fish.  The kids were excited and kept looking at the ride through the little bars.

We walked around a little more. We stopped by the penguins to watch them swim around.

Our last stop of the night was the gift shop!  Ryan picked out a truck with a boat and Jake picked out a dolphin.

Actually, after that we went on the Sky Tower to look at the whole park.  Ryan loved it!  After that- the park was closing and it was time to head to our hotel.  Both kids were completely asleep before we even got out of the parking lot.  After we got to the hotel we ordered in pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti.

Daddy was pretty sleepy too.. He was watching tv while I was taking a shower.  When I got out, we were having a conversation and a few seconds later he was completely asleep.

Had a great first time at Sea World and we are so glad we got to share it with Grandparents.  We got the season passes so we can't wait to go back again :)  The next day we went to the beach which I will blog about next time!

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